Rumpelstiltskin is a classic fairy tale by Brothers Grimm. We present is with numerous black and white and color illustrations by George Roland Halkett (1855-1918). The summary of the story is accompanied with a full scan of all pages in the same order as they were published in the picture book.



Once upon a time, there was a miller. He was very proud of his daughter and on one occasion, when a king stopped by his mill, he bragged she is so clever she can spin straw into gold.




The king challenged both. The girl should come to his castle and change full chamber of straw into gold. Otherwise, he would order her to be killed.



When miller’s daughter stayed alone, locked with all the straw, she started crying. She would surely die in the morning. But then a strange little man appeared and offered his help if she gives him something in exchange. She gave him her neckless and he transformed the straw in gold.






King was delighted. Then he wanted more. The next night the girl was locked with even larger quantities of straw. She should change that too. But the strange little man came again and in exchange for her ring he spun the straw into gold again.


The king was still not satisfied. He ordered the girl to spin one load of straw by the next morning. If she succeeds, she’ll become his wife and queen. If not, she will die.

The little man came for the third time as well. But miller’s daughter didn’t have anything more to offer in exchange. So the man proposed she should give him her son when she marries the king. Believing she will die in any other scenario and thinking she would probably never become a queen giving birth to a prince, she accepted his proposition.

Another chamber was full of gold in the morning and the king kept his word. Miller’s daughter became a queen and after about a year gave birth to a little boy. She completely forgot about the little man. He didn’t. One evening he appeared in front of her and demanded his payment – the little prince.



The queen started crying and begging and offering all valuable things from the castle but the little man persisted. After a while he decided to give her a chance – if she guesses his name in next three days, he will withdraw his request.


All servants from the castle helped the queen gathering all kinds of strange names from the surrounding. The first evening she spent all ordinary names, but the little man just laughed at her attempts.




Next evening she tried more and more exotic names. Still without success.


She was desperate. Yet, just before the little man should appear for the final time and took the prince, one of the servants who traveled very far, returned to the castle. He told the queen he noticed a strange little man dancing and singing by the fire basically telling he’ll get the little prince because nobody knows his name is Rumpelstiltskin.




The queen was overjoyed. When the little man came, she tried a couple other names at first and then shot “Rumpelstiltskin!” and the strange little fellow had to accept his defeat.



That’s all. This picture book was published in 1882 by Thos. de la Rue & Co. in London. Text and images are in Public Domain.


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