Tales from Grimm by Wanda Gag

Wanda Gag: Tales from Grimm, published by Coward-McCann in 1936

This is a very unique edition of Grimm’s fairy tales, done by Wanda Gag. She was of German origin, living in America what made her exposed to a special mixture of cultural influences. On several occasions she said this book is not about the fairy tales by Grimms but more about fairy tales as she remembers they should be.

Here is a list of her personal selection with accompanying illustrations:


Hansel and Gretel

The Cat and Mouse in Partnership

The Six Servants

Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle

(no image)

Doctor Know-all

Town Musicians of Bremen


Clever Elsa

Fisherman and His Wife

(no image)

Frog King, or Iron Heinrich

Snow-White and Rose-Red

This book, published in 1936, was not the only selection of fairy tales translated, adapted, and illustrated by Wanda Gag. We’ll add more soon.

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