The Goose Girl and Other Fairy Tales

Goose Girl and Other Tales illustrated by Franz Mueller-Muenster

Today we are dealing with a book published around 1910 and illustrated by Franz Muller-Munster, German painter who loved historical paintings and scenes from nature. He worked on fairy tales by brothers Grimm on several occasions and we happened to find a list of the fairy tales in this particular book together with many great illustrations but can’t guarantee they are all there.


So let’s see the list first:

1. Goose Girl

2. Wolf and Seven Kids

3. The Story of a Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear

4. The Singing Bone

5. How Six Men Got On in the World

6. The wren and the bear

7. Frederick and Catherine

8. Rapunzel

9. Jorinde and Joringel

As we already noticed at other collections of Grimm fairy tales, some of today’s most popular stories are not present, while we find several tales which are today almost forgotten.

This is actually very good because it widens our horizons and each post gives us a precious opportunity to learn something new. Shall we start with the fairy tales?

The Goose Girl

This is not among the most popular fairy tales, probably at least partly thanks to several cruel moments, not any more considered as suitable for the children in 21st century (we can open a debate about this). It talks about the princess who is forced to switch identities with her servant and can’t tell the truth about her real origin because she believed her word is still her bond. We won’t go into gory details, but you’ll notice a few disturbing elements in the illustrations below without additional help.





Wolf and Seven Kids

The story about the wolf who eats little kids, but one survives and (with a help of his mother) defeats the monster, is one of the most well-known ones. It is not only resembling even more famous fairy tale about Little Red Hood, but is very close to the myth about the Zeus and his father Chronus, who ate his own children right after their birth until his wife (the mother of the children) decided to trick him with a large stone and saved the youngest kid, who later beats his father and rescues his brothers and sisters just like the little kid in the fairy tale.

Here is an article where the similarities between the Wolf and Seven Kids and myth about Zeus and Chronus are examined in detail:

And here are illustrations by Franz Muller-Munster:



The Story of a Boy Who Went Forth to Learn Fear

Another almost forgotten fairy tale is talking about a boy who wants to know what is fear. He faces many different challenges but needs to experience something completely different to find out what is this emotion really about.




Next three stories don’t have illustrations. At least to our knowledge. If you happen to have better edition of the book, please contact us through the comment section and we’ll add them later. Fast forward to …

Frederick and Catherine

This is more a tale of amusement then tale of enchantment. It’s a humorous story about a series of events leading to huge losses of a husband and a wife (Frederick and Catherine). After another series of fortunate events / misunderstandings they got their wealth back.




This is definitely the most famous story in this collection today. By far! But it wasn’t so well-known a hundred or so years ago. Well, thanks to movie adaptations and huge business of merchandise related to the girl with really long hair, everybody knows who is Rapunzel today.


Jorinde and Joringel

Another less know fairy tale. It’s slightly similar to Hansel and Gretel, but also has elements of another fairy tales, like Golden Bird, for instance. Short summary: Jorinde and Joringel are lovers who wonder through the wood and come too close to an evil witch, who liked to turn men into rocks and girls into birds. She petrified Joringel at first too, but decided to free him because she thought it would be fun to see him suffering knowing about his love being changed into a nightingale in being caged. But Joringel found a magic flower which helped him to destroy evil spells and rescue not only his girlfriend but other girls under witch’s power.


That’s all folks!